Wednesday, March 21, 2012

he's leaving... soon.

Tonight, we went to the deployment briefing.
Oh wait, didn't you know?

Aaron deploys next month.
... and I just found out today.

The briefing was pretty neat, though. We got to see pictures of where Aaron will be eating, sleeping, working {and even going to the bathroom, hah!} for the next twelve months. Compared to his last deployment, during which he lived in a fox hole, he is going to be living large! The mountains surrounding their base are beautiful, too. And I told him he better visit the local bazaars and come back with a magic carpet for me- aka an authentic, hand-made rug.

They had some neat goodies for the kids, like these little soldier dolls you put a picture of Daddy's face into, and teddy bears dressed in their own little uniforms.


... I guess it hasn't really sank in yet that Aaron will be leaving again so soon. The Army likes to change their mind every other day so it's hard to believe anything they say these days. I'm absolutely dreading this deployment, saying goodbye and {gulp!} watching Elliot say goodbye. Not to mention the fact that Aaron will be missing the birth of his second son. I knew what I signed up for when I married my soldier. We'll get through it. I just wish it wasn't coming up so soon!

I'll leave you with a quotation:

“Distance has no correlation to love. Nothing can stand in between two people whose hearts are completely in love. Not a continent. Not a war.”

Daddy's home! {taken a few weeks ago}


  1. So sorry he`s deploying so soon - I know what`s it`s like with the military changing plans at the drop of the hat. I never like to believe anything is certain with my hubby until it`s actually happening.
    Cute bears etc for the kids though:-)
    Hugs to you and your family xx

  2. oh hun. that sucks cant believe its gonna be a year. that is soooo horrible it even sucks that they wont even let him home for sully's birth. i'll keep my fingers crossed for aaron. x

  3. So sorry Jess! It's never easy to say goodbye, even when you know it's coming and have time to prepare. Although, for me, that is the worst part, knowing the goodbye is coming. When it comes to military life I have learned that everything has to be written in pencil, never pen, because it will almost always change. With Eric's last deployment we were told they would be leaving in early December and that is what I prepared myself for. Then, out of the blue, on August 12 he came home and said plans changed and they were leaving in 2 weeks.

    Talk about a change of plans! I know it's hard but from what I can tell by reading your blog, you are a very strong person and you, Elliot and Sully will get through this deployment just fine. Remember, you always have a ton of support here as well!

  4. I wish you all the strength in the world , I know you can do r a super mommy! but nonetheless the whole situation is horrible! I wish that Aaron could AT LEAST be there w when you got into labor! I will pray for him and you and your super adorable babies ( u just KNOW Sully will be as beautiful as Elliot!!) Hang in there Jess!

  5. Thinking of you guys. One of my biggest fears is Jarrod deploying again, even though I now it's bound to happen. Can't wait to see you documenting life at home while he's away again!

  6. Being a military family can be so tough sometimes! I'm sorry he has to leave so soon. I also know that you are strong enough to make it through another long separation. Stay strong, Supermomma! <3

  7. Aw huni you were so excited about the fact he was gonna be there for the birth, twelve months thats crazy! You havent really got family by you either have you ? You are such a brave momma x x

  8. Hi! I've just found your blog and wanted to say Hi!

    Your little boy is lovely! Congratulations on the new addition that will be joining you soon :)

    My husband recently left the British Army. I'm sorry that your husband will be deploying so soon. Deployments suck!
    -Liane xxx

  9. Oh man, deployments are hard. Hang in there, mama!

  10. (((huge hugs))) you my friend, are one strong mama.

  11. This post made me cry. :( I can't imagine having to do that. :(

    You are one strong mama. <3


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