Sunday, December 12, 2010

Christmas shopping + snowstorm = BIG contractions.

We spent most of the day yesterday Christmas shopping. This is normally one of my absolute most favorite things to do. My Christmas spirt was dampered, however, by my cramping uterus. I've had some pretty bad contractions and cramping lately... but nothing could compare to this. Apparently, I wasn't so good at hiding it, because while waiting in the {ridiculously long} line at Bath & Body Works, the woman in front of me turned around and said, "Hopefully this line starts moving... or you could be having that baby right here!" She thought she was hilarious. I wasn't very amused.
I'm still having a lot of cramping and waves of back pain today. And my boobs are KILLING ME. I basically feel like I always do right before my period is about to start. I have to admit, though, I'm pretty pleased with myself... or rather, with my uterus. Because all of these contractions HAVE to be doing SOMETHING, right? Hopefully I made some more progress yesterday and it'll help to speed up my induction on Thursday!
My husband will be home the day after tomorrow! Going into labor anytime after that would be fine by me!
PS: We're also in the middle of a BIG snowstorm/blizzard. Hopefully this subsides soon, so my husband can arrive safe and sound- and on time.


  1. im in the midst of a snow storm as well!

    good luck & hopefully labor waits til you hubby gets home!!

  2. Oohhhhhhhhhhhhh I'm so excited for youuuu!!! I've been thinking about you for a few weeks now! Prayers are with you and safe travels for the hubby. Congratulations!! Your son is gonna be a handsome little stinker! :]

  3. Oooh it's getting to exciting!! I hope little Elliot waits for Dad to get home!

  4. That's so exciting! Don't over exert yourself ok? I'll keep my fingers crossed that it stops snowing soon.

  5. Today we were out shopping and so many women kept giving me this horribly pitiful smile... I think they felt my pain! I hope your uterus behaves until the hubs gets here and then starts acting up again!

  6. I feel the same way! My boobs hurt so much, I don't get it! And I was up all last night with contractions. They were so intense. I forced myself to sleep through them because I felt they weren't the real deal. Must've been right because Bunny is still baking!

    I'm so glad your hubby will be here soon! I can't wait to see a picture of the three of you! We're having a snow storm as well. I told my hubs that I'm not leaving the house again until it's time to go to the hospital! LOL!

  7. so so close!
    All that pain is going to bring your little Elliot out into this world. Be strong my friend!

  8. Today is my due date! And apparently our little man, Ezra, is not in any rush to meet me, papa, and big brother Henry. But that's okay...we'll wait for him! I'm praying that everything goes well and that your little guy is here soon, safe and sound!


  9. Exciting stuff! Finally caught up with your blog this morning. Glad that you and Elliot are doing so well!! Sending you all the positive energy that I can to see that your husband and baby arrive safely

  10. I can't imagine how excited you are to have your hubby home with you! SO AMAZING! I'll be thinking of both of you and praying for his safe return.

    Your going to meet your baby boy this week... EEEKKK! =)

  11. I'm getting beyond excited for you, Jess! And yay for big contractions! Hopefully that'll really help speed along your induction--awesome. :)

    Praying for your hubby to have a safe trip home, and for a good delivery this week!


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