Monday, December 6, 2010


I booked my husband's plane tickets today, and he will be back in Michigan at 9:50pm on December 13th- only one week from now! I wish I could put into writing how excited I am, but I can't. Trust me, I am SOOO incredibly happy and unbelievably excited! It will be just a couple days short of five months since I last saw him.
Also, I'm going in for a nonstress test in an hour or so. My OB called me and he wants me to have twice-weekly NSTs until I go down for my induction, just to make sure that everything is fine and Elliot is doing okay.
The clock is really ticking now. Only a week until my husband will be home and then, just a few short days later, my son will be born! Wow!


  1. Yay for one more week!!! That is SO exciting. Wow... it's so hard to believe that time is finally almost here, you will be meeting your little baby so soon! I remember that feeling... it's so overwhelming (in a really good way)!

  2. Hubby comes home and then you BOTH get to meet Elliot! I am beyond happy for you Jess!!!

  3. Aww, you're so close! I can't even imagine how excited you are too see your hubby and finally meet your baby boy! EEEEKKKK!


  4. that's amazing! how exciting :)


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