Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Day Thirteen: Elliot meets his uncles

Today was a busy day!
My dad, stepmom, and three little brothers came down to visit. We did our big Christmas exchange first, and then we went to see Elliot. He was wide awake when we got there, and very angry. Once we got him out of the isolette and held him, he calmed down, but it took awhile. His belly has really been hurting him lately. We're still waiting for him to poop so we can start feedings.
BUT when we got there he was wearing a SHIRT! So today was the very first day that Elliot wore clothes- when he was almost two weeks old :). They told us we could bring in onesies and button-down sleepers for him to wear so of course we ended up picking up a bunch of new ones today at BabiesRUs with some of our {many} gift cards.
It was the first time my stepmom or little brothers got to meet Elliot, and it was great to see their reactions. Elliot was so happy being held and getting so much attention that he fought sleep for over TWO hours! That's the longest he's ever been awake when we were at the NICU! He crashed right before we left, though... and then we spent the rest of the day shopping {and finding creative places/ways to pump along the way...}.
Overall, it was a GREAT day but we are exhausted!.

Elliot wearing a SHIRT!


  1. He looks so sweet. I'm so glad everyone got to meet him and that it was a good day for you all.

  2. I think you are amazing for so many different reasons, but I think you're EXTRA amazing for keeping up the pumping. Good for you mama!


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