Sunday, December 5, 2010

My new obsession.

Guys, I think I may have a new obsession. It was bad enough when I just had to keep myself away from Etsy, but now, I've discovered... Diaper Swappers. This place is GREAT! Seriously! Anything you ever wanted to know about cloth diapering, you can find out here. And any kind of cloth diaper you've ever thought about trying, you can buy in the FSOT (For Sale or Trade forum), for super cheap.
I bought so many diapers that I had to make myself a list to keep track of them all. I just can't pass up a good great deal! I think I might have to freeze my debit card!
So, basically, my cloth diaper stash is complete- and I decided to forgo my original plan of using disposables until Elliot could fit into his one-size dipes and bought him an entire newborn stash instead. :D I'll post pictures once they all come in the mail!
This makes me one happy mama!

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  1. I just recently joined there and I agree, it's my new obsession!

  2. That is such a good idea. I always wanted to do cloth but never really got around to it.

  3. ooh wow! they are so awesome. I'm hoping to use them but waiting to see what the little ones body shape is. Apparently different brands cater for different shapes?


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