Tuesday, November 2, 2010

31 weeks!

"This week, your baby measures over 16 inches long. He weighs about 3.3 pounds (try carrying four navel oranges) and is heading into a growth spurt. He can turn his head from side to side, and his arms, legs, and body are beginning to plump out as needed fat accumulates underneath his skin. He's probably moving a lot, too, so you may have trouble sleeping because your baby's kicks and somersaults keep you up. Take comfort: All this moving is a sign that your baby is active and healthy."

How far along? 31 weeks!
Baby’s Size: The average baby would weigh over three pounds now- so I'm not sure what that means for my smaller-than-average little man? We'll find out on Thursday.
Bellybutton: In.
Stretchmarks: The ones on my butt are multiplying. None elsewhere, though!
Maternity Clothes: Couldn't live without them!
Gender: Boy!
Movement: This kid has been ACTIVE lately. And for some reason he insists on always having his butt sticking out of my side... and it hurts. It REALLY hurts.
Sleep: Could be better.
Symptoms: Braxton Hicks contractions, back pain, swollen ankles and fingers, frequent trips to the bathroom, occasional heartburn, fatigue, headaches, ligament pain.
Food Aversions: I'm not feeling meat lately.
Food Cravings: Fruit and candy.
Best Moments this week: Family visiting us. I probably won't be seeing them again for awhile as they're moving to Romania.
What I miss: Sleeping on my back!!
What I am Looking forward to: Big growth scan ultrasound in GR this week on Thursday. It'll be interesting to see how things are going in there, how much Elliot weighs, how far behind he is in his measurements, and how soon I'll be having him.
Milestones: Only NINE weeks left. Single digits now. Wow!


  1. Isn't it fascinating to think of where the baby is in your body. I feel like sometimes I can sense where the little one is just by recognising kicks. Hope Elliot moves his bot bot!

  2. How gross are the stretch marks on the butt? Seriously. I mean, I'm happy to not have any belly ones, but the butt ones aren't much better, if at all! :(

  3. hooray for another week gone by! i saw on the news this morning that a baby who weighed less than a pound was born back in february, & he went home today after gaining more than 13 pounds!! mondern science is amazing & we are so blessed to have such miracle workers around to assist our babies :)

  4. 9 weeks!!!!! I can't wait to see pictures!!!


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