Thursday, November 18, 2010

The first {real} snow of the season



This is what I woke up to today: SNOW. Everything was coated with white... the trees, the grass, the rooftops... even our neighbors' jack-o-lanterns! Now, if you're wondering whether or not I actually like snow, I'll divulge: I do like snow, but only in the month of December. If it only snowed for a couple weeks before Christmas, I'd be one happy lady. As far as I'm concerned, the snow should start to melt the day after Christmas. Why? Well. Snow is wet. And cold. And if there's two things I do not enjoy: it's being wet and cold. Not to mention the fact that after SIX MONTHS of the stuff, it really starts to lose the "oooh, pretty!" factor.
Naturally, I needed a pick-me-up after having my lovely morning RUINED by the sight of all this snow... so what did I decide to do? Well, I started listening to Christmas music, of course! I know I may sound a little like Scrooge, with all this "snow!? Bah humbug!" talk, but trust me: I'm definitely not Scrooge: I absolutely LOVE Christmas! It is my favorite time of year. I love every single thing about it. If it was socially acceptable, I'd listen to Christmas music all year long. {In fact, I've been known to secretly listen to Christmas music sometimes in the middle of summer. Shhh!}
So if it's early enough to snow, it must be early enough to start counting down the days until Christmas, right? Well like it or not, I shall be doing just that from now on.

So, this pretty much wraps up my day so far:
1. Cramps. Ouch!
2. Snow. Boo!
3. Christmas Music. YAY!

Oh, and...
37 days until CHRISTMAS!


  1. Sometimes I wish we had snow where we are. I'll settle for a day or two with it so we don't have to drive up to the mountains to actually see snow. But omg, 37 days? are you serious? I still haven't started buying presents!

  2. I LOVE snow. Wish we would get some here... even in November :-) I started listening to Christmas music too, I'm getting so excited.

  3. Love it. I can't wait for snow! I keep checking our 10-day forecast, but alas, it's only in the 40's, at the lowest, and the only precipitation is rain. Bah.

  4. Lucky! Although I really hate being in the snow, I sure do enjoy watching from inside a nice cozy house.

  5. oh, i can't believe you hate it! it looks so pretty... it's a big winter wonderland :)

    sorry about your cramps. boo.

  6. i eagerly await our first snowfall.
    it's the only one i actually like.

  7. Hehe, I second Kitten!!

    Snow is a million miles away from us - but Christmas is just around the corner!

    Ahhhhh, so many siblings - what to do...

    Wedding to plan, interstate trip omg, omg...

    Back to snow!

    I just love the pictures, adore the trees and the autumn pics you posted earlier!!

    I grew up next to the ocean which is lovely but I lovvvveeeee trees, autumn leaves and forest!

    Can I visit (I wish)?


    Hope all is well!

    It will be a usual sunny Aussie christmas for me! I think the closest to snow I will get is if I skip across to India!


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