Monday, November 15, 2010

Miscellaneous Monday

You know those "this is your brain on drugs" commercials? Well, here's a glimpse of my pregnancy brain.
1. Elliot is a night owl. He hardly moves all day and then, I kid you not, the very moment I lay down... he decides to have a solo dance party in my belly. But it's okay because...
2. Fleece sheets are heavenly. Seriously. Have you ever tried them? Because every night when I crawl into bed, I feel like I'm sinking into a fuzzy, fleecy, king-sized cloud. And even though there is a baby wildly kicking my cervix and punching my ribs... I can still fall asleep.
3. I've been having a lot of Braxton Hicks contractions lately ... and they turn my belly into a flat SQUARE. I wonder if that's normal?!
4. Apparently, my belly makes a nice shelf. I asked my brother to share his pretzels last night, and he happily obliged... by placing a handful on my belly. I laughed so hard that they fell off but... I put them back just so I could take a picture.
Pretzel belly!

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  1. I remember the bump shelf. It seemed luke it was the reason I always had food all over my shirt. :D

  2. Bennett did the same thing, quiet all day and busy at night. My OB told me it's because when you're up and moving around during the day you're sort of "rocking" them to sleep and when you lay down they wake up cause you've stopped moving. Makes sense, cause they do the same thing when they're newborns! :-)

  3. Oh I used my bump for everything lol.
    Also he really might be a night owl for a couple weeks after you have him. I remember after I had my little girl she was always up mainly at night and when I was pregnant she was always active at night lol.

    Little Sugar Monster

  4. i love the bump shelf picture! i know it's sad but sometimes i miss was so convient

  5. My belly turned into a square too! I thought it was so weird. :)

  6. oh i loved using my bump to hold things :) of all the things that one could complain about with a big ol' belly, that was definitely one positive. hehe.

    {omg, let me know how the cookies turn out! they are crazy good.}

  7. Yayyyy!!

    Finding uses for pregnant belly!


    Like Phoebe on 'Friends'...

    Have you ever placed your bowl on there?


    PS your baby shower was ah-mazing. SO glad you have such a great support network!!


  8. ha that shelf is awesome.

    I know a lady who put her cup of tea on her bump and it stayed there!

  9. I'm SO glad you mentioned the "square belly", I've been having tons of BH as well and my belly turns into a square also.!


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