Wednesday, November 24, 2010

OB appointment

I just got back from my OB appointment. I had my strep swab test- that was fun- NOT. Then, they did another cervical exam. This time, it was way more painful than last time. I was wondering why- and then he told me I was about 75% effaced and about one and a half centimeters dilated.
Things are moving along! :) I can't wait until my appointment in Grand Rapids next week- it'll be interesting to see how much more progress I'll make in a week's time {and how much bigger Elliot is}.
Can't wait to meet you, Elliot!

Thanks to you, we're now #42! You guys rock! Keep the votes coming!
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  1. how exciting jess!!! cant wait to meet the little man!!!

  2. Yay!! How exciting. It's getting closer and closer!!

  3. Glad your appt went well!! I can't believe our boys will be here soon!!!

  4. that's uhmazing!!!

    he'll be here in no time!

    grayson came at 35 weeks... It's a little scary at first, but it's still really exciting!

    way to go mama!

  5. whoooo! Big days. Oh I hope he has a massive growth spurt from now till then.

    How exciting. I drop your name/story into so many conversations nowerdays.

    Hope everything is ok with your husband in Sth Korea and that he can get away for when Elliot comes.


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