Wednesday, November 10, 2010

My poor feet!


You see? Cankles, I tell you! And the sad part is, it has actually gotten worse since I took this picture. To the point where I'm a little nervous that this could be more than just normal pregnancy swelling. I'm going to ask my OB about it at my appointment Friday.


  1. Oh no!! I had the WORST swelling... the worst. My OB told me to stop eating salty things, keep my feet elevated and all that jazz. I totally feel your pain!

  2. Eek lady! Are you sure you should wait until Friday? How is your blood pressure?

  3. I'd call your dr. or call the on call dr. I had preeclampsia with Kingston and mine were waaaay swollen. Try not to eat to much salt and drink lots of water and keep your feet up.

    It is normal to have swelling at the end of your pregnancy because you are putting on water weight but those are pretty swollen and if you say they are more swollen than that i'd probably not wait 2 more days.

    The nurses became my best friends when I was preggers. Don't be afraid to call. They might have you come in to check your blood pressure.

    p.s love your blog! Boys are soo much fun!! You will love it. :)

  4. i'm with the other girls when in saying drink lots of water & all that stuff. but yeah, if you get worried don't be afraid to call or pop in at your OB's office. the nurses are usually awesome & that's what you pay 'em the big bucks for! peace of mind is priceless!!

    if i had a penny for the number of times i went in & listened to parker's heartbeat i'd be a rich rich girl.

  5. I was like that too! But the worst swelling came after I had my daughter. I had it bad that I had to buy new shoes!

  6. Oh wow, I hope the swelling goes down! I never had swollen feet throughout my pregnancy, but I don't know I wore old navy flip flops and slippers throughout my whole pregnancy. I heard a good thing to do is elevate your feet though.

    Little Sugar Monster

  7. Oh gosh, I remember this. I had over thirty pairs of shoes, and I could only wear my crocs.

  8. you poor thing! I know thst sucks because my feet were swollen really entire pregnancy! It became a joke at work! Th egood news is down pretty fast after birth!

  9. Oh sweetie, I'm sorry. Mine swelled up worse after I had my little girl. I thought it would go down right after but it took about 2 weeks after delivery. I became so worried that I went to my Dr.'s office and they told me it was normal.

    I would try and drink as much water as I could but also drank Vitamin water b/c it was nice to have some variety. I tried adding lemon and lime slices to plain water but I was also pumping and drinking massive amounts of it. I eventually got so tired of water for awhile. I craved fruity flavors throughout my pregnancy so I welcomed the change.

    Just not sure if drinking those was a good thing (don't know how much sugar and sodium they have) but it helped with my fluid intake. And I will now stop rambling. :)

  10. Thanks for the tips, ladies!
    I've been drinking INSANE amounts of water- but Elle, I'll have to start looking for more creative ways to get my fluids. I thought about maybe seltzers? Hmmm.


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