Friday, November 12, 2010

Waiting waiting waiting...

I had another OB appointment today.
And I am 1 cm dilated! So basically, this means that it's in Elliot's hands now. We're just along for the ride. He could be born in a couple days or weeks from now... no way to know, really.
I've also gained an insane amount of weight. A lot of it is because I'm retaining fluids like crazy but... WOW! Oh well. Hopefully some of that weight is going to my little man and making him bigger and stronger.
My babyshower is tomorrow! I can't wait! :) I can't believe it's here already. Time is really flying by now.
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  1. Oh yay! So soon! Enjoy your baby shower!

  2. with my son i was dilated to one for six weeks. so maybe he'll hang out in there a little bit longer. :)

  3. just keep chugging water & take it easy. you can stay at a 1 for a super long time, so just take it day to day :)

  4. Have fun at your baby shower! And hang in there Elliot. We want you to grow some more before you get to wear all of your adorable hats. :)

  5. Yayyyy!!!

    Go you!!

    Wishing you well!

  6. Oh WOW!

    Enjoy your baby shower.
    I hope Elliot comes right when he is supposed to.



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